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White Red and Green Beaded Christmas Bracelet present the Christmas theme with multiple things. Celebrating this event with great zest and enthusiasm is the best time to go for uniqueness. This fashion-forward bracelet lets you relish its unique look and feel relaxed and calm.

There is no clasp in this bracelet that would make you wear it quickly and take it off effortlessly. Instead, you would feel light after having it on your wrist. This standout style will catch everyone’s interest and add more beauty to your outfit.

Countless historians agree that the use of red and green predates Christianity. They refer to the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, celebrated in December.

During the holiday season, Romans would decorate their homes with holly and hang small figurines called sigillaria from the branches of evergreen trees. The evergreen leaves and red berries represented the festive and joyful season over time.

This bracelet’s best dimensions and features are memory wire bracelets, glass beads, and no clasp. You don’t need to worry while wearing it because it is lightweight. This handmade bracelet is unique and classy.

* 6 mm, round, white, red, and green glass beads
* 6 mm silvertone accent beads
* Memory wire bracelet
* 8-inch bracelet
* No clasp

Handmade bracelet.

Memory wire is like a spring. It keeps its shape, fits any size wrist. No clasp. Ask for clasp and safety chain. Great for those with hand problems, the differently abled or disabled.

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